Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What is the scarf's revenge?

It all started simply enough. Money was tight this year and so, I made a scarf for my work's grab bag. And was mocked for it--I was called cheap, too lazy to go to a store and basically embarrassed and humilated in front of my co-workers. I told my friends about it and a plan was hatched. The scarf is going on a road trip and we'll show my co-workers just how awesome my scarf really is.

Here is where (hopefully) everyone who has a chance to pose with the scarf will blog about their time with it and post a picture.


  1. I am up for the scarf's revenge!

    I would love to show those evil workmates just how fabulously appreciated your work and generosity are by those of taste.

  2. I can't believe how rude and small-minded your co-workers are! How dare they! That scarf is stunning!

    I'm sticking my tongue out at them very crossly!

    Lucy x

  3. So here's the thing - I heard about The Scarf Scandal on Knit Naturally and I was so outraged, I accidentally burnt the breakfast toast I was making for my kids. If I were you, I'd wrap up a used etiquette book with a bookmark at the "how to receive gifts" page and give it to Mr/Ms Jerk with a note stating that you replaced the scarf with something you know s/he can use. But then, I'm sure you are much nicer than I am, probably too nice to do that (a woman can dream, right?) I would be honored to wear your scarf in a photo; I'll send you my contact info if you're interested.

    (on Ravelry)

  4. Your scarf is beautiful!! I would die for a handmade gift!!
    Your coworkers don't deserve your hard work, and next year I wouldn't participate at all, citing that I'm too "cheap" and "lazy" to go to the store and get anything for them.
    But I'm sure you're nicer than I am...
    I love the road trip with the scarf!!!

    faryjane on Ravelry

  5. I just started knitting last Friday and am making a scarf. Wow, the amount of work and effort far exceeds any bought gift for a co-worker I can think of. I am sorry to know that you work with idiots, but be assured that many others appreciate your work and effort.

  6. Some people will never understand just how lucky they are. Your scarf is lovely and I'm glad it will get to be appreciated by the right kind of people.